For some the green economy is the answer to the world's economic and environmental crises, while for others it is a false solution.

Why Green Economy? is a space to share ideas from across the world on a new economic model to tackle climate change and protect the environment.

Read summaries of key materials on the links between the environment, climate change, energy and economics.

Introduction to the green economy Explore Resources
  • Why Green Economy

    Which Green Economy?

    What should a green economy look like in practice?

  • Windturbines Greeneconomy


    The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies

  • Valuing Nature

    Protecting the environment by fully recognising its value

Why Green Economy? Blog

Who should value nature?

Bee on flower (creative commons)

Do you know how to measure the value of the fresh water you drink every day or the carbon dioxide captured by the Amazon rainforest? If nature is going to be valued across the world who should do it: accountants, governments, companies or communities?

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