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Who should value nature? Interview with Yoni Rivas

Yoni Rivas

Is valuing nature as natural capital the way to reduce environmental degradation or a dangerous distraction that will commodify the environment? Alongside debates on if we should value natural capital is another question that is very rarely asked: who should value nature? This exclusive interview with Yoni Rivas is […]

Branching out for a Green Economy (UNEP)

(UNEP Branching out for a green economy)

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) / July 2011 Animated video highlighting the services and products provided by forests that are essential to every aspect of everyday life. These include regulation of the climate, reducing the impacts of floods and contributing to the livelihood of 1.6 […]

Who will control the Green Economy? (ETC)

ETC Group Who will control the Green Economy

ETC Group / November 2011 This report argues the “green economy” and the “great green technological transformation” will mean a shift where industrial production is based on biomass instead of fossil fuels. According to ETC Group biomass includes food and fibre crops, grasses, forest residues, […]

Negotiating for Nature’s Services (Forest Trends)

(Forest Trends)

A Primer for Sellers of Ecosystem Services on Identifying & Approaching Prospective Private Sector Buyers / Forest Trends This basis of this report is that “over 60% of ecosystem functions around the world are being degraded faster than they can recover” and so “for ecosystem […]

Nature for Sale (Frei Betto)

Frei Betto

Frei Betto / April 2012 Brazilian author Frei Betto argues the objective of concepts such as natural capital and ecosystem services, also known as the green economy, is to commodify nature for a new source of profits as a way out of the financial crisis. He […]

Biodiversity Planning Toolkit

Biodiversity Planning Toolkit

Developed by a partnership of United Kingdom government bodies and environment organisations. Coordinated by the Association of Local Government Ecologists. The toolkit provides users with detailed information on ecosystems and scenarios showing how biodiversity can be managed. Toolkit It identifies categories of habitats and species found […]

Put a value on nature! (Pavan Sukhdev)

Pavan Sukhdev 1

Pavan Sukhdev / TED talk / July 2011 Pavan Sukhdev blog April 2014, Huffington Post: Valuing Natural Capital: What Next and Why? Pavan Sukhdev is one of the key thinkers behind the idea of recognising the economic value of nature’s services. In this TED talk he says […]

The Green Economy Pocketbook (Green Economy Coalition)

Green Economy Coalition

Green Economy Coalition / June 2012 This pocketbook argues for the transition to a green economy to tackle the economic recession and severe degradation of the environment. The Green Economy Coalition brings together different actors including research institutes, NGOs, UN organisations, business and trade unions. Read report […]

Financialization of Nature (Attac TV)

Money tree

Financialization of Nature / Attac TV / June 2012 This animated film by European civil society groups argues the green economy will result in financial speculation based on nature’s services. In recent years the financial sector has become more important relative to the productive economy. Up […]

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