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Status of Forest Carbon Rights and Implications for Communities (RRI)

Rights and Resources Initiative

Status of Forest Carbon Rights and Implications for Communities, the Carbon Trade, and REDD+ Investments Rights and Resource Initiative / March 2014 The briefing looks at the relationship between the implementation of REDD+ projects and land rights in 23 low and middle income countries. It […]

Planetary Boundaries: Talking Green Economy with Johan Rockstrom

Johan Rockstrom

Leading scientist Johan Rockstrom explains the concept of planetary boundaries which proposes there is a safe operating space for human development. The concept has risen up the global agenda in recent years because: Mounting scientific evidence shows the planet is a complex interconnected system that […]

Ecological footprint of the richest: Methodology

(Credit:Global Footprint Network)

Introduction This methodology is part of the research on the inequality of overconsumption which attempts to quantify the full ecological footprint of the richest people in different countries around the world. Read a summary of the working paper published by the Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University (read […]

Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL)

(Sustainable Energy For All)

A global Action Agenda / Sustainable Energy For All / April 2012 The aim of the SE4ALL initiative is to promote the major investment needed for renewable energy to be scaled up across the world. This report argues sustainable development is only possible with sustainable […]

The Story of REDD: A real solution to deforestation? (FERN)

(Threat to Democracy, slash and burn agriculture in the Amazon, Flickr creative commons)

FERN / April 2012 This animated video looks at the causes of deforestation which leads to local communities losing their livelihoods and human rights abuses. As a response to climate change the United Nations and World Bank are proposing REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and […]

Interactive: global energy sources (Nature)

(Emissions, creative commons)

Nature / November 2012 This interactive guide allows the user to select countries and regions to see energy sources used in 2011. The guide is based on the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012. Interactive guide   See also: Graphic on coal consumption in […]

The world’s carbon trading schemes mapped (RTCC)

(Zpeckler, carbon, creative commons)

Responding to Climate Change / January 2013 The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme is the reference point for future schemes that could begin in China (the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases), India and the Republic of Korea.   Recently launched carbon trading schemes that […]

It’s time for a carbon tax (Elizabeth Kolbert)

(Coal plant, creative commons)

Elizabeth Kolbert / New Yorker: Comment / December 2012 Kolbert argues the United States should implement a tax on carbon as a way of generating revenue to cover the deficit and to deal with climate change. She explains the idea of a Pigovian tax is […]

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