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(UN REDD programme)

REDD as part of the solution (UN REDD)

United Nations REDD programme / September 2009 In this video the speakers say the REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) programme is crucial to reducing deforestation in developing countries. They call for REDD to be implemented as soon as possible. According to the […]

(Indigenous knowledge)

REDD+ Traditional Knowledge and Climate Science series (UNU)

United Nations University / August 2012 The video explains that REDD uses incentives to reduce deforestation in developing countries. The respect for the right to free, prior and informed consent is a key part of REDD. Interviews with indigenous and local communities as well as […]

(Antonio Cruz da Abr, deforestation in the Amazon, creative commons)

An introduction to REDD+ (Global Canopy Programme)

Global Canopy Programme / November 2012 This animated video explains the aim of REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) is to address deforestation in developing countries. If deforestation is not tackled there will not be a solution to climate change. The video says that some […]

(Anthony Giddens)

Anthony Giddens: The Four Mistakes of Green Growth (Triple Pundit)

Phil Covington / Triple Pundit / March 2011 Academic Anthony Giddens (former head of the London School of Economics) argues 4 main mistakes are made when approaching the concept of green growth: A low carbon economy will not be our current economic model with more […]

(Natural Gas Rig)

Shale Gas to the Climate Rescue (Alan Riley)

Alan Riley / Op-Ed for the New York Times / August 2012 In this Op-Ed Alan Riley (Professor of Energy Law, City University London) argues unconventional Shale Gas – extracted through a process known as fracking – could be the answer for the rapid reduction […]

IEA World Energy Outlook 2012

World Energy Outlook 2012 (IEA)

World Energy Outlook 2012 / International Energy Agency / November 2012 In this annual report the International Energy Agency says fossil fuels are still the main source of energy with subsidies increasing to US$523 billion (mainly in the Middle East and North Africa). The report […]

Maps, tools and infographics

Maps, tools and infographics

 Global population The size of it – How the world’s population has changed (The Economist) click here       Mapping initiatives Green economy policies, practices and initiatives (United Nations) click here       The Global Transition to a new economy: Mapping a green and […]

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