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(Credit:Global Footprint Network)

Ecological footprint of the richest: Methodology

Introduction This methodology is part of the research on the inequality of overconsumption which attempts to quantify the full ecological footprint of the richest people in different countries around the world. Read a summary of the working paper published by the Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University (read […]

Green Economy Coalition

The Green Economy Pocketbook (Green Economy Coalition)

Green Economy Coalition / June 2012 This pocketbook argues for the transition to a green economy to tackle the economic recession and severe degradation of the environment. The Green Economy Coalition brings together different actors including research institutes, NGOs, UN organisations, business and trade unions. Read report […]

(Fernando Tomás, Solar Panels, ceative commons)

Green Growth: The What, Why and How (Paul Ekins)

Paul Ekins / Gresham College Lecture / December 2012 Update: Read Paul Ekins article on Green Economy: the what, why and how published in September 2013 Professor Paul Ekins (University College London) presents his ideas on the green economy and green growth. Why green growth? The […]

World Resources Institute

Q & A: What is a “Green Economy”? (WRI)

World Resources Institute / April 2011 The World Resources Institute provides an introduction to what a green economy is and what it would take to get there. In a way the green economy is a continuation of work towards sustainable development but in a new […]

Tim Jackson

New economic model needed not relentless consumer demand (Tim Jackson)

Tim Jackson / The Guardian / January 2013 Tim Jackson (Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey, UK) explains how since the 2008 global financial crisis the objective of growth as the means to achieve prosperity has come under scrutiny. He argues the […]

(Green House Think Tank)

Post-Growth Project: an introduction (Green House)

What is ‘Growth’ for and can we afford it?: A critical twenty-first-century assessment of the hegemonic economic policy of our time Rupert Read / Green House / 2012 At a time of low economic growth in the United Kingdom (and much of the Eurozone) the […]

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