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Introductory Learning Materials on Green Economy (PAGE)

Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) / 2016 These introductory learning materials provide basic information about different areas of the green economy. PAGE notes that “green economy is gaining momentum and attracting the attention of policy-makers, civil society stakeholders, and business agents from around […]

The politics of green transformations solar panels

The politics of green transformations

There are growing calls for green transformations. This book explores what this means in practice and who will push it forward. “Transformations are inevitably multiple and contested” and so “politics and power are important to how pathways are shaped, which pathways win out and why, and who benefits from them”

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Green economy in the south conference

The conference will be held between 8-10 July 2014 in Tanzania With its full title of Green Economy in the South: Negotiating Environmental Governance, Prosperity and Development this conference will bring together academics, researchers and civil society organisations to critically discuss the particular impact of […]

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Key messages for COP20 (Social PreCOP)

The Social PreCOP climate change summit brought together representatives of over 40 governments and nearly 80 civil society organisations. The meeting was held in Venezuela between 4- 7 November 2014. It was an unprecedented meeting of grassroots groups with governments in the build up to the official UN climate change negotiations, the next major conference will be held in Peru during December 2014

(Sustainable Energy For All)

Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL)

A global Action Agenda / Sustainable Energy For All / April 2012 The aim of the SE4ALL initiative is to promote the major investment needed for renewable energy to be scaled up across the world. This report argues sustainable development is only possible with sustainable […]

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Green Growth: The What, Why and How (Paul Ekins)

Paul Ekins / Gresham College Lecture / December 2012 Update: Read Paul Ekins article on Green Economy: the what, why and how published in September 2013 Professor Paul Ekins (University College London) presents his ideas on the green economy and green growth. Why green growth? The […]

Reclaim the UN from corporate capture

Reclaim the UN from corporate capture (Friends of the Earth Int)

Friends of the Earth International / June 2012 Friends of the Earth released this report before the 2012 Rio+20 conference to draw attention to what it argues is the increasing influence of corporations over the United Nations system. Read report The report says companies are exerting […]

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Interactive: global energy sources (Nature)

Nature / November 2012 This interactive guide allows the user to select countries and regions to see energy sources used in 2011. The guide is based on the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012. Interactive guide   See also: Graphic on coal consumption in […]

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