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[credit Joëlle Hernández. Contact via]With a strong interest in the environment and climate change, Dario Kenner launched Why Green Economy? in May 2013 as a space to discuss the emerging green economy.

I launched the website because in recent years the meaning of the green economy has been fiercely debated. But there are hardly any websites where the opinions of different perspectives can be viewed alongside each other.

I have summarised key articles, research reports and videos to guide you through the main areas of debate. These hand picked materials are a starting point if you want to find out more about emerging themes like green growth, natural capital and renewable energy. At the end of each summary you will find other opinions on the same subject area. Search Resources

The website is a space for people working in the fields of the environment, economics, energy, conflict and security, international development and energy to share information and opinions about the emerging green economy.


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